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INMSpp Edinburgh Workshop Documents


The detailed agenda for the INMSpp workshop in Edinburgh can be downloaded here.


Background Documents

The following topics were addressed at the Edinburgh workshop on nitrogen integrated assessment modelling. Follow the links below for the relevant background documents, which were presented at the meeting. The fourth topic was discussed as a cross cutting strand:
1. Prioritising Nitrogen Threats and Benefits: Which issues need to be linked when developing integrated modelling capability?
2. Policy Linkages: What are the priority measures needed for better nitrogen management that should be included in models?
3. Issue/Compartmental Linkages: How should different compartments of the nitrogen cycle be linked
when formulating nitrogen integrated assessment models?
4. Nitrogen and Other Data Needs: What and where are the data needed for nitrogen integrated assessment modelling at global and regional scales?


Meeting Report

The overall meeting report can be downloaded here.


Minutes from the breakout Groups*

  • WG1. Prioritising Nitrogen Threats and Benefits
  • WG2. Policy Linkages
  • WG3. Issue/Compartmental Linkages

*Updated Background Documents are also included, where available.